Abkhazian is the wizarding prison, apparently based on Azkaban Prison. It is also called Azerbaijan (also the name of a central Asian country), Akazaban and Azkhabian. It is apparently quite easy to leave Abkhazian, as Britney was easily able to free several prisoners, and Dumblydore was released after less than a day.

Abkhazia map-fr.svg

Abkhazian Prison is located on a remote location of Abkhazia hidden and protected by charms.

Inmates Edit

  • Proffesor Sinister, for being "too gottik". She reappears without explanation three chapters later.
  • Snap, after being tortured by Serious Blak, because he "trid 2 rap dem." Britney later breaks him out.
  • Loopin, after being tortured by Serious Blak, because (with Snap) "dey r pedoz." Britney also breaks him out.
  • Dumblydore, because "he is old and week he has kancer". He leaves the prison apparently on the same day and returns to Hogwarts to teach.
  • Hargrid, apparently for his attempt to slip Ebony an "Amnesia Portion" in her cup of blood; he is also released by Britney.

In Real LifeEdit

Abkhazia is a disputed territory located in the Caucasus northwestern Georgia, bordering Russia to the North and the Black Sea to the West; it lies to the northwest of Azerbaijan, another country in the Caucasia.

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