B'loody Mary Smith, born Hermione Granger, is ostensibly based on the character of the same name from Harry Potter. The author, however, takes a rather creative way of putting her own touch on the character.


Hermione, as it turns out, is both a vampire and a goth. Her mother was a witch who was killed by Voldemort; her vampire father committed suicide out of depression soon after. While attending Hogwarts, she switched Houses, apparently from Griffindoor to Slytherin, likely due to her gothik demeanor. She also discovered that her real surname is "Smith" and started calling herself B'loody Mary, which we can only assume was chosen during a drunken game of Scrabble.

At one point, B'loody Mary was in possession of a "Time Toner," which allows her to go back in time. Professor Trevolry mentions this when she tells Ebony to go back in time and seduce Voldemort.


B'loody Mary occasionally serves the role of secondary best friend to Enoby, second to Willow. She is often shown sympathizing with or engaging in friendly discussion with Enoby.. For the most part, though, she's just another satellite goth character whose man purpose is to hover around Ebony.

During Tara and Raven's falling-out, B'loody Mary is succinctly promoted to Ebony's best friend after Willow's expulsion, and even did Enoby the favor of murdering her. This change only lasts for one chapter, as Tara undoes everything that happened to Willow in an attempt to win Raven back.

B'loody Mary seems to be in a relationship with Navel. She is part of a triple date, with Ebony and Draco, Diabolo and Willow, and herself and Navel. The six of them go to Hogsmeade in Draco's flying Mercedes-Benz, do several hard drugs, and watch the MCR concert.

She is also a member of Ebony's goff band, Bloody Gothic Rose 666.

Ghost of You Edit

Tara and Raven wrote a collaboration story, only lasting one chapter, giving us another goth portrayal of Hermione. During her summer vacation in America, her abusive, neglectful parents (Raven states that this is possible because it's never implied it's not true. Obviously, if the canon Hermione DID have such horrible parents, it would have had a noticeable impact on her character, not to mention redundant with Harry's terrible life with his aunt's family.) revealed they were actually her adoptive parents and her real family was a wizarding one. Her parents refused to tell her who her real parents were, so in her rage Hermione, now calling herself Maya, murders them. Somehow, the Ministry have no idea whatsoever about this. For the rest of the summer, Maya lives in Cho Chang's Tokyo apartment with Ginny, and they become close.

As a goth, she wears black lipstick (which she checks via a black makeup mirror) and has nearly waist-length, newly dyed black hair and eyes which she made emerald via magic. Her gothic attire is a black leather 'bustier' a blue paid mini trimmed with black lace, blood-red lipstick (somehow with the black one earlier), and matching eyeshadow. She has pale skin from a lack of sunlight, and is slender but with curves in all the right places.

When she turns on her iPhone (Raven at the start claims she doesn't care when Harry Potter takes place, in her story it takes place in 2021, thus they can have iPhones and 'NORMAL' clothes and shit if she wants), she plays an Evanescence song at full volume. Luna Lovegood, who in this story has become a prep (completely missing the point of her character in canon) wearing a pink mini, a slutty pink halter top, and Gucci shoes, sits next to giggling blonde preps. One does not know how Tara Gilesbie and Raven did it, but being Tara and Raven, they did.

Maya gives them the middle finger and listens to some MCR, only to be greeted by her new gothic friends, who she swears at, only to apologize and tell them to 'sit down, my bitches'. Cho, now called 'Dementia' after her middle name is there(are you sensing a pattern with all the characters with "Dementia" in their name in Tara's writing?) as are Ginny and 'Virginia', aka Tara. Ginny wears a sexy black corset dress with red lacing, pink fishnets, and black high heeled boots. She also wore black lipstick and eyeliner and her hair was dyed blood-red, with black tips. Dementia has new purple streaks in long, silky ebony hair and wore a torn black MCR t-shirt, a ripped black and red plaid mini, safety pin earrings and black combat boots with heels.

As her friends sit down, she notices Draco Malfoy is sitting behind her. Once again, his character has become gothic. His hair is dyed black and slicked back "(a/n: kinda like Tom Felton in the first movie)". His eyes are icy blue and suggest inner depths of darkness. Maya talks with her friends for a while and Dementia thinks that Harry and Ron will be loving her new look. When it's time to get off the train, Maya thinks she might have seen a boy in leather pants, a leather jacket, black hair and blue eyes smile at her.

Thankfully, there were no more chapters.

Artist Depictions Edit