Brain bleach
Brain Bleach is a chemical substance, commonly craved by people who read bad fanfiction such as "My Immortal ." Its composition is unknown. Its affects are as follows: removal of images, words, or ideas from one's brain that are formed in the process of reading and/or seeing unsettling material, such as the aforementioned fanfiction.

The application of Brain Bleach is equivalent to scrubbing one's brain with steel wool, applying bleach to the affected area and the areas surrounding it, and disinfecting the eyes and ears with fire. See Holy Water Eye Drops.

Brain Bleach is recommended by some as a cure for insanity and/or headaches caused by reading and/or seeing bad fanfiction. However, though most studies of this substance have shown a marked increase in the peace of mind of individuals treated with Brain Bleach, there have, as yet, been no noticeable decrease in insanity among the said individuals. Though research suggests dangerous byproducts.


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