Chapter Forty One
Season 1, Episode 41
Air date
Written by Tara Gilesbie
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Chapter Forty
Chapter Forty Two


Ebony wakes up in the past, wearing the outfit she'd had on when she performed with xBlakxTearx. Satan (who is actually Voldemort for photo reference), comes and gets Ebony and takes her outside. She spots a bi gothic guy, who Satan explains is his ex-boyfriend Hedwig. He left the band because he broke his arm. Ebony decides to get them back together to fulfil the prophecy.

She takes them to the Grate Hall where she tells them to start making out. Voldemort and Hedwig begin to make out sexily while she films it. Lucian, James and Surious watch "koz dey were prolly bi". But then Dumbeldorr and Mr. Norris walk in.

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