Tom Rid gives Ebony some clothes for free. He offers to help the girls with make-up for the concert, as he is "bisezual." Hargrid tells Ebony to return to Hogwarts, but she tells him to fuck off. Willow arrives; she is inexplicably alive once again. Ebony describes Willow as, "She had a really nice body wif big bobs and everything. She was thin enouff 2 be anorexic."

Draco and Diabolo arrive. Draco is to be Ebony's date to the MCR concert. Diabolo is going with Willow. B'loody Mary is going with Dracola Longbottom. All six goffs go to the concert in Draco's flying Mercedes; in the car, they do pot, coke and crack.

During the concert, Gerard Way stops singing. He pulls off a mask, revealing himself to be Voldemort. The rest of the band also pulls off their masks, revealing themselves to be Da Death Deelers. Voldemort says he is going to kill Ebony and Draco, and pulls out a knife. At that moment, A gothic old man with a long black bread appears, scaring Voldemort away by shooting a spell. This man is revealed to be Albert Dumblydore.

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