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Snap begins "loafing" meanly and "anvilly" takes out a "kamera."  Once again, Snap's interest is focused entirely on Draco.  Snap takes some stones from his pocket and puts them around Draco, then "nit" a candle.  Then Snap "polled" down his pants, revealing the "dork" mark on his penis.  Snap then waves a wand, and a knife appears.  He tells Ebony to stab Vampire; if she refuses, he will rape Draco. 

Ebony is lost in thoughts of how sexy Draco and Vampire are.  Meanwhile, Snap prays to Voldemort.  Snap then begins to dance around the stones while whipping Vampire and Draco.  Ebony uses her "vampire powers" to telepathically send a message to Draco and Vampire.  This telepathic message does nothing. 

Snap then takes Draco's clothes off and gets ready to rape.  However, Ebony "shited" a Crucio spell at him, and he begins running around screaming.  While still shooting the Crucio spell, Ebony sends a text message to Serious Blak.

Serverus (likely meant to be Serious, despite being called "Sev" by Snap) enters the room with Trevolry and Lucian.  Snap hides the whip behind his back and pretends that nothing is out of the ordinary.  However, Serious chains Snap up and Trevolry tells Ebony to leave the room. 

Author's NoteEdit

Tara, in her introductory note, gives her poignant opinion on "alzhimers."

  • soz 4 soz 4 sayin alzhimers is dongerous but datz da mysteries opinin koz sosiety basically sux.

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