Plot Edit

Ebony and Satan go to see a movie "the Exorcise", where "a boy and a girl were doin' it suddenly a cereal killer came lol".

Ebony is trying to get Satan to fall in love with him so she slips some amnesia potion into his officially licensed Nightmare Before Christmas cigars, which produce floating pentagrams. Satan tells her that the potion will not work because it has not been invented yet. They make out sexily but get "shooted" at by a woman, whom Enoby kills. The theatre "crapped" because of how hot Ebony and Satan looked together.

Next they go to the Marylin Mason concert, who is opening for XBlackXTearX. He "peasants" them, and they perform a cover of "I'm Nut Okay!1". Lucian starts to play the song wrong by "mistak." James yells at him, calls him an "ashole", takes out a knife and attempts to shoot his arm off with it. Ebony sexily jumps in front of the ballet. Everyfing goes blak.

Author's NoteEdit

AN: wut doez every1 fink if I end da strory and den I add sum more 2 it after vocation? oh yah asnd prepz stup flaming if u dnot lik dat story den take muh quiz ok den u wil c if ur gofik or not!1111111

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