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Chapter Thirty Seven
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The chapter begins by switching to Darko's point of view. Darko and Vampire chain Hairgrid to the floor, before Enoby suggests that she could use "amnesia potion" to make Satan fall in love with her faster. Vampire then compliments Ebony (here called "Tata".) A few lines later, Britney arrives and begins talking about how scary Enoby and her goffick friends are, prompting Willow to tell her to shut up. Somebody suggests going to Profesor Trevolry's room, at which Draco, Ebony, and Draco go to the Profesor's room. There, they inexplicably find Tom Rid. Tom offers them clothes. Enoby then discovers from a sign that Profesor Sinister is in Azkhabian for being "too gottik", and that classes will be taught by Dubledork, who has somehow returned from prison after being sent there for being old and having "kancer". Dumblydore comes, asking Ebony and Draco "WHAT DA HELL R U DONG IN MY OFICE!1". Ebony abruptly spots Morty McFly's blak tim machine and jumps inside seductively.

Back in time, Ebony discovers herself in Profesor Slutborn's "efface". She spots an amnesia potion and takes it. Slutgorn arrives at that moment, causing Ebony and him to exchange verbal blows over their presences in the efface. The reader then says “Oh sorry I wuz just looking around koz I thought it wuz class.” Professor Slutborn allows Ebony to leave, at which point she meets up with the members of XBlakXTearX and the chapter ends.

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