An unidentified speaker, almost certainly Proffesor Sinister, refuses to go to St Manga's, and instead asks Egogy to "go bak in tim" and ask Tom Andorson for help.

Before going, Enoby has a chat with Draco who is wearing something that's either a "tshit" or some panama hats. (The only time in this story that the clothing descriptions aren't detailed enough!) He takes her to see Serious punishing Snipe and Lumpkin, "pokering" them by "staging" them with a black knife.

Then Enoby and Draco go back to her room. She changes her "drity cloves" for a clean "blak leather outfit fingie", which immediately gets taken off again before Draco and TaEbory make out and fall asleep.

Author's Note

After the usual moaning about prep flamers not liking her story, Tara insists she won't continue until she gets "fiv god reviewz nd diz tim I men it!1111" (implying that she didn't "men it" all the previous times.) She also offers to help Raven with her story. (Let's hope Raven had enough sense to say "no".)

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