Tom introduces himself to Enoby; he tells her to call him "Satan"' which is his middle name. Since it is the 80's, Enoby knows Satan cannot be a fan of Evanescence or MCR, so she asks if he is a fan of "Gren Day". He says he is, and also mentions he's a fan of GC. He mentions that Gren Day are having a concert in Hogsment (the 80's name for Hogsmeade). When Enoby talks about Hot Topic, Satan notes that it is called Hot Ishoo in the 80's. With unexplained precognitive powers, he tells Enoby that Hot Ishoo changed its name in 1998.  

At this point "principill" Dumblydore swoops in on his "broomstuck". This pre-poser Domblydore has short blonde hair and wears an "Amrikan ogle" polo. He begins "shredding at them" for talking in the halls.  

Suddenly the floor opens. Enoby begins to fall and screams "OMFG NO." People look at her weirdly as she falls. She reappears back in the present, in Professor Sinister's classroom with Dumblydore (or here, "dumbledum"). Professor Sinister walks in and she and Enoby have an incomprehensible conversation. Sinister then confesses that she has been drinking voldemortserum and is addicted. She begins to cry "black tears of depression." Dumblydore - understandably - is concerned, and asks, "hey r u crying tears of blood?" The two women tell him to fuck off.  

Author's Note

Tara notes that it was a "mistak" in Chapter 31 when she called Voldemort "tom bodil" (though, in actuality she called him "Tom Bombodil").

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