Ebony contemplates suicide, but is interrupted by Vampire's screams. His pentagram scar hurts. He sees a vision of Draco; "Volfemort has him bondage!" Though never described, Ebony goes to the nurse's office because she has apparently slit her own wrists. Hargrid, Snap and Loopin are there. All three are about to be sent to St. Mango's for being pedophiles.

Hargrid offers Ebony a bouquet. She rejects them, because the roses are pink. Hargrid says a spell and the roses turn into a black flame. Dumbledore tells Ebony to look into the flames and find herself; this angers Hargrid, and he calls Dumbledore a mean old man and a liar before running away.

Shortly thereafter, Ebony goes to Hair of Magical Creatures class, taught by Professor McGoggle. Vampire is in the class, sucking blood from a Hufflepuff. Ebony says hi. Vampire says hi. Suddenly, they begin screwing.

Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 2.18.45 PM

Vampire in Hair of Magical Magic Creatures, sucking some blood from a Hufflepuff

Once again, Vampire's scar hurts. He again says he sees a vision of Draco in "bondage," just as he did at the beginning of the chapter.

Author's Notes

This is the first chapter where Raven does not appear to help Tara write the story. Tara writes, "WTF UR SUPPOZD 2 RIT DIS!11111111". We also see the first hints of the great poster-sweater fight, when Tara writes, "HEY RAVEN DO U KNOW WHERE MY SWEATER I"

Notable Quotes

  • "STOP IT NOW YOU HORNY SIMPLETONS!" shouted Professor McGoggle who was watching us and so was everyone else.
  • "I thought you didn't have a scar anymore!" I shouted "I do but Diabolo changed it into a pentagram for me and I always cover it up with foundation." he said back.
  • And then the roses turned into a huge black flame floating in the middle of the air. And it was black.
  • I had a vision of what was happening to Draco...Volfemort has him bondage!

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