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Ebony, Draco, and Vampire sneak into a black room that contains portraits of MCR, GC, and Marilyn Manson. There are also chairs made of bones in this room.

They sit down in the chairs, with Vampire "potting his albastard hand on" Ebony's hand, and Draco also sexily putting his hand on hers.  Ebony begins to tell Draco and Vampire that she has to go back in Tim and seduce Voldemort.  She assures Draco that she will not "brake up" with him. 

Draco and Ebony then french and begin to have sex (again), this time in a coffin. Vampire films them with a "vido" camera.

They are then caught by "Snope" and Professor McGonagall, who come in and yell "WHAT THE FUCK R U DOING!"

Notable QuotesEdit

"He was hung lik a stallone."

Author's NotesEdit

Tara tells Raven to " have fun wif kiwi!1111111".  What Raven was doing with a kiwi is anybody's guess. 

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