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Ebony and Draco "jamped" out of the coffin.  Snap and McGoogle begin to shoot angrily at them as they leave the room while simultaneously putting on their clothes.  Snap then "garbed the caramel" from Vampire.  Draco tells Snap that Dumblydore will send Snap back to St. Mango's if Snap does not return the camera.  Snap points out that the Mystery of Magic thinks that Dumblydore is crazy and nobody will believe them. 

McGoogle then calls the three students "inlosent fools" and takes them into a "werid" room with white stones in it.  Draco starts crying again.  Ebony begins crying tears of blood and Vampire wipes her eyes with a "honkerchief."  Then suddenly, Snap and Vampire take out guns (using magic?) and begin shooting at one another.  They have terrible aim, and do not hit each other.  Both run out of bullets. 

Ebony then takes out her wand and shoots a "Crosio" spell at Snap.  Then McGoogle magically chains up the three students, then takes out some tools.  She then abruptly announces her departure to Snap.  He begins to laugh and takes out some whips.  

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