Draco and Ebony get into a fight in the common room. He calls her a bitch and runs away in a suicidal way. When Vampire offers to comfort Draco, Ebony accuses him of intending to fuck Draco.

They go searching for Draco. Then they hear footsteps, so Vampire pulls out his "blak invisibility cloke." While hiding under it, the janitor Mr. Norris and his cat Filch start searching around. Vampire calls Mr. Norris a "preppy little poser sun of a fukcing bich" under his breath. He then frenches Ebony. Mr. Norris pulls the cloke off at that point, and the two goffs run away.

They then find Draco outside, crying and slitting his wrists. He and Ebony return to their coffins while frenching one another. They then move onto a gothic red bed and watch Lake Placid.

Suddenly, Cornelia fuck, from the Mystery of Magic, arrives at the school.

Notable Quotes

  • if ur a homophone den fuk of!
  • "No fuck u you preppy little poser sun of a fukcing bich!" Vampire said under his breast in a disgusted way.
  • "Filth is der any1 unda da cloak!" he asked. Filth nodded.

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