Professor Rumbridge and Cornelia Fudged storm out from the Great Hall, leaving Dumbledore inside. Rumbridge gets angry when she sees Ebony and her friends eavesdropping outside, and yells, "MR. WAY WHAT THE BEEP ARE YOU DOING!" Dumbledore invites the students in.

Ebony drinks some blood and eats some Count Chocula cereal, but is interrupted by Vampire and Draco "shooting" at one another over who gets the seat next to Ebony. Their argument is one of the greatest in the entire story due to the incredible spelling errors:

"You fucking bustard!" yelled Draco at Vampire. "I want to shit next to her!1"
"No I do!" shouted.
"No she doesn't fucking like u, you son of a bitch!" yelled Draco.
"No fuck you motherfucker she laves me not you!" shouted Vampire.

They begin to physically fight. Suddenly, "a terrible man with red eyes and no nose" who flies through the window on his broomstick. It is Voldemort. Ebony stops eating, Draco and Vampire stop fighting, and Britney begins to cry. Voldemort, this time having renamed himself Darth Valer, once again tells Ebony to kill Vampire, and threatens to kill Draco and her.

Ebony then falls unconscious and has a vision of Voldemort coming to kill Draco - while Draco is in the process of slitting his wrists.

When she comes to, Voldemort is no longer there (though it's unclear whether Voldemort was ever there, or whether that was a part of her vision). B'loody Mary suggests they visit Professor Sinister to determine the reason for Ebony's vision.

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