Vlodemort and Da Death Deelers are the main villains of My Immortal. They might be based on the Death Eaters from the real books.

As Voldemort is described as being a Prep, despite wearing black clothing, it can be assumed all the other Death Deelers too are of that affliction.

As a fun fact, in the Underworld series of movies the warrior vampires are referred to as "Death Dealers." Tara may be referencing this, as Ebony possesses a black leather outfit similar to that worn by "Suelene" in '"Undreworld."


  • Voldemort: Leader and founder. He is obsessed with making Ebony kill Vampire, with a gun. Despite having gotten the chance to kill Vampire multiple times, he never takes it and always sticks to his first plan.
  • Snap and Loopin: Two of the higher ranked members.
  • Snaketail: Voldemort's personal assistant. Fell in love with Ebony at first sight, but was killed by her.
  • Professor McGoogle : Based on the fact that she helps Snap trap Ebony, Vampire and Draco. She chains the three goffs up using a spell, watches Draco and Snap have a gunfight, and then she leaves. Its possible that Snap was possessing her, as he possessed himself and James Samoro Potter during their concert in the past. She's never punished for her behavior, and Ebony doesn't seem angry at her, more interested in punishing Snap and Loopin.

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