"Snake and Loopin were in da middle of da empty hall doin it, and Dobby was watching!"
―Famous line
Dobby is another character who makes a short cameo in My Immortal. So, as such, despite his meager appearance, he was unfortunately fated to fall under the remarkable keystrokes of the author's keyboard as she wrote her version and released it on the internet. Dobby is also one of the few characters whose name is spelled consistently throughout the fanfic (ostensibly because it is only present twice).


Dobby makes a short and random appearance in My Immortal as (for a lack of better words) a pervert. In chapter twenty immediately after Enoby refuses to give Loopin "sum condemns" she continues to put on the finishing touches of her makeup and proceeds into the hallway. Here she encounters Snap and Loopin "doin it" as Dobby watches them.

As soon as Snap and Loopin see Enoby, Dobby runs away crying. Whether or not he runs away in frustration or fear was never explained. This is due to the fact that chapter twenty is Dobby's first and only appearance in My Immortal. It can probably be assumed that his cameo was only squeezed in for more laughs and providing more cannon fodder for reviewers to flame the story (or maybe he appeared for Tara's own personal amusement). Either way, like everything else in the story, it all remains a mystery.