―Draco, shrieking his true feelings for Ebony

Draco Malfoy is the main love interest of My Immortal. He is based on the character of the same name from the Harry Potter series.


Draco is a "goff" who wears black eyeliner and black nail polish. He tends to wear black, and carries a "blak Likin Park mobile" phone. He also wears red coloured contacts which reveal "so much depressing sorrow and evilness" that Ebony cannot help but fall for him(?).

He has a tattoo of a black heart with an arrow through it on his arm. Inside the heart, in bloody gothic writing, is the name Vampire; he later changes the tattoo so it reads "Enoby" and has roses tattooed around it. He has "a sex-pack" and is "hung lik a stallone" (although the canon Draco is rather wimpy and weak in appearance).

Personality Edit

Draco frequently cries for little reason, and often runs away in a fit of emotion. This often culminates in Draco either slitting his wrists or threatening to slit his wrists. At one point, he does so and commits suicide (despite not using a 'steak' or a C-R-O-S-S), but is inexplicably alive once again in Chapter 11, for reasons no one will ever understand. Although a possible explanation is that he survived since he didn't use a "steak" to commit suicide.

Background Edit

Draco is bisexual, as are all male goffs. He used to date Harry "Vampire" Potter, and while having sex with Ebony, she discovers a tattoo on his arm of Vampire's name. He enjoys the music of MCR, Good Chralootte, Gurn Day, Simple Plan, and Lonken Prak. He also belongs to the band Bloody Gothik Rose 666, along with B'loody Mary, Diabolo, Vampire, Hargrid and Ebony.

Role in the story Edit

Draco appears in Chapter One, where he impresses Ebony by yelling out her name. He later invites her to Good Chralootte concert in Hagsmeade. He is instantly in love with her. Afterward, he drives his flying car to the Forbidden Forest, where they have horrible intercourse against a tree, leading Dumblydore to utter the infamous line "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING YOU MOTHERFUKERS!"

After discovering Draco's previous relationship with Vampire Potter, Ebony becomes jealous. This leads to several very public fights, including one where Draco runs completely naked into a classroom with his "you-know-what" hanging out in front of several students, Vampire, and Professor Snap.

Ebony also inexplicably makes out with Vampire, which causes Draco to cry (again). The two ex-boyfriends also get into a fight in front of Dumbledore and Rumbridge over who gets to "shit next to her." (which may reveal a previously unknown fetish of both characters). However, by Chapter 28, they are comfortable enough that she gets Vampire to film her and Draco having sex (a point where Tara was probably just horny while writing).

Ebony and Vampire are also quite upset when they discover Draco and Snap in the "conmen room", having sex. However, Draco explains that Snap forced him to do it and is a "ropeist."

Voldemort's Master Plan Edit

Other than "frenching passively" and "HAVING SEXX" with Ebony, Draco's secondary role in the story involves Voldemort's "masta" plan.

Voldemort tells Ebony personally that he wants Vampire Potter dead, and that he wants Ebony to kill him. Voldemort gives her a gun, and threatens to kill Draco if Ebony does not shoot Vampire. In Chapter 13, Voldemort captures Draco and holds him captive. Vampire and Ebony save him by using a gun to stab Snaketail (why they didn't shoot him with it remains unclear) and then flying away from Voldemort's Lair on broomsticks.

Later, Snap and McGoogle trap Ebony, Vampire and Draco. Snap gives Ebony a knife and tells her, "U must stab Vrompire" and "If u don't then I'll rap Draco!1" Luckily, Ebony had brought along her blak mobile phone, and she sends a text message to Serious Blak, who saves them.

Difference from the original Edit

Apart from the name and his Hogwarts House, this character bears no actual resemblance to the original character.

This version of Draco acts like a lovesick puppy who can't seem to live without Ebony, needing her confirmation she loves him too about once per five minutes. A good example is when Ebony proclaims one of the artists of Good Charlotte to be hot, followed by Draco sulking out of jealousy. The real Draco, being somewhat of an elitist control freak, would never allow himself to be as dependent on a girl like this variation does. If the real Draco would ever be in a relationship during his years at Hogwarts, it would be he controlling the reins.

Another thing that doesn't fit with the character of Draco Malfoy, is the fact this Draco listens to Muggle bands and even owns and regularly drives an enchanted flying Muggle car. As the real Draco is raised in an environment of Pure-blood supremacy, he would probably never have heard of these bands and if he did, would look at them with disdain. He would also never ever own a car, seeing as it is something only Muggles would use.

In My Immortal, Draco was also in a relationship with Harry "Vampire" Potter, while the real characters hate each other with a passion. Draco, for instance, would never miss an opportunity to harass Harry through verbal abuse.

Also of note is that in the original books, Draco Malfoy was a staunch supporter of Voldemort's viewpoints about Pure-blood Supremacy during most of his years at Hogwarts, due to his father Lucius being a Death Eater. In My Immortal, Draco never displays any Pure-blood Supremacist viewpoints and actually shows disdain for Voldemort, but only because the dark wizard is constantly trying to intimidate his girlfriend Ebony. However at some point he insults Ebony by calling her a "poser muggle bitch", followed by an author's note pointing out if that was out of character, implying that he is still a racist. Notably, almost all of the protagonists are "poorblood", suggesting that Tara agrees with his bigotry.