Dracula is a character in My Immortal. He appears to be based off of Neville Longbottom from the Harry Potter series.


Dracula is one of Ebony's friends who is sometimes in a scene, but never really does anything.

Originally, Dracula was called Navel before going goth, which is probably why he changed his name in the first place. He was kidnapped as a baby after his vampire parents were killed in a car crash. At one point, like B'loody Mary, he was apparently a member of Griffindoor house, but was moved to Slitherin after becoming a Satanist goff.

It appears that he and B'loody Mary may be in a relationship, as they attend the MCR concert together. They also do "pot, coke and crak" with two other couples (Draco and Ebony, and Diabolo and Willow) in Draco's flying car. However, Dracula, like all other male goffs, does not limit himself to women - he is bisexual and quite attracted to Mikey Way, Gerard Way, and Billie Jo Armstrong.

Dracula has black hair with red streaks in it. He wears black clothing. Dracula also carries a black handgun, which he tries to use against Voldemort in the last chapter of the story alongside Diabolo, only for Vlodemort to summon away his wand with a spell.