Griffindoor, also called Gryiffindoor, is one of the student houses at Hogwarts school in England. It bears little resemblance to Gryffindor, upon which it is based. Griffindoor is home only to preps and Christians who hate the goffik Slytherins.

Notable Members Edit

  • B'loody Mary Smith: She apparently belonged to Griffindoor at one time, but moved to Slytherin house after converting to Satanism. In a later Author's Note, it's stated that B'loody Mary moved houses because she is an evil vampire.
  • Dracula Longbottom: After converting to Satanism, Dracola was apparently moved from Griffindoor to Slytherin.
  • Snap: Although never explained why, Snap was moved to Griffindoor. Perhaps because of his fear of Satanists, due to his Christianity.
  • Britney: Enemy to all goffs, a prep, and the consummate Griffindoor. Curiously, Vampire Potter dated her at one point.

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