My Immortal Wiki is a community-driven website chronicling one of the most infamous pieces of fanfiction ever written: Tara Gilesbie's My Immortal.

"My Immortal" is a Harry Potter fanfic authored by Tara Gilesbie (under the penname of "XXXbloodyrists666XXX"), with assistance from a friend named "Raven" (penname "bloodytearz666") and an additional, "unofficial" contribution from an anonymous "hacker."

The story is infamous for its lack of quality and potential satirical purpose, along with the minor Internet phenomenon of dramatic readings and interpretations. Sadly, it was the single most reviewed story on and, by extension, probably the most read and talked about fanfic in existence. The story is no longer on, but numerous other sites now host it.

This site was founded by WTPF and is currently led by Arch Wizard Megumin. The other admins include EmeraldReaper, and AkiraFudo6669.

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