Snap and Loopin are a pair of Hogwarts School professors and Voldemort's main Death Deelers. They help Voldemort in his evil scheme to kill Vampire Potter. Snap and Loopin's plan seems to be recording a videotape of Ebony taking a bath and use it to blackmail Ebony into killing Vampire. If she refuses, they will spread the tape through the school.

They are also gay lovers who enjoy "doin it" in the open. The two seem to be treated as one person, since if one of them is accused of a crime, the other will also get punished for it, despite not actually having done anything.

They are probably based on Severus Snape and Remus Lupin, but they do not resemble the canon characters in any way.

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"Well xcuse me! Wat was dat all about!?"


Snap seems to be the more competent of the duo and the leader. He is the one who comes up with most of their plans. Snap also operates solo multiple times throughout the story. In one of the author's notes, it is stated Snap is a Christian, and has been moved to Griffindoor. This is only used as an excuse to have him on the dark side (since the good guys are Satanists and Slytherins) and this fact is not mentioned again after Chapter 20.

In his first appearance Snap was merely a strict teacher going by the name Professor Snape. It's implied that he teaches Potions class, like in the original, as in Chapter 36, when Ebory and her friends go sexily to Potions class, "Snap wasn't there," replaced by Cornelia Fuck. Professor Snape was also one of the three teachers, the others being McGoogle and Dumblydore, to yell at Ebony and Draco "4 having sexx". Strangely enough, he is the one who lets Ebony and Draco off after Draco's anguished declaration of love for Ebony. He later calls Ebony a 'ridiculous dimwit' for storming into his class, and barely reacts to Draco barging into the classroom naked, once again showing a remarkable amount of leniency for acts that would normally get someone punished, as well as behavior that contradicts his later acts as the villainous Snap.

In his third appearance, Snap shows his true colours by filming Enoby taking a bath, but is scared away by Hargrid, who reveals he is a Satanist. After this incident, he is somehow hospitalized, along with Loopin, Ebony and Hargrid. Because of this incident, Dumbledore plans to send Snap, along with Loopin, to Saint Mango's, as both of them were pedophiles, which shouldn't be left teaching the school. Despite this, Snap is still seen teaching at Hogwarts. Later, he along with McGoggle, kidnaps Draco, Ebony and Vampire under the guise of a detention. He then almost succeeded in making Ebony kill Vampire, but was stopped by 'Serverus' (probably Serious Blak), Professor Trevolry and Lucian. After being caught, Snap, along with Loopin, is tortured and sent to Azerbaijan for his crimes, with Cornelia Fuck taking over his Potions class. But after escaping from Azerbaijan with the help of Britney, Snap rapes Draco and steals Draco's flying car. During the final battle, Snap drives the car into the Great Hall, flies around in circles, and teams up with Loopin and Voldemort to kill Ebony. During this fight, Vampire manages to make Snap crash the car to the ground with a well aimed Cruciatus Curse, although he survives. Snap's fate is left ambiguous as the story abruptly stopped.

When Ebony travels back in time, Snap is revealed to have been in a band with Tom Satan Bombodil/Voldemort, James Samaro Potter, Serious Blak and Lucian Malfoy. But he betrayed them by possessing James, though the fic states that he possessed himself, and causing James to shoot off Lucian's arm with his knife.

Snap also appears to have a certain degree of invulnerability, because during his first appearance as a villain, Ebony shot him (with a gun) a gazillion times, but this did not seem to have hurt him at all. He also survived multiple torture sessions without any consequences.

Another one of Snap's abilities is the power to possess other people and make them do what he wants. This is explicitly stated by James Samoro Potter when he explains to Ebony why he wanted to shoot off Lucian's arm. It is possible Snap also possessed Professor McGonnagall in Chapter 29, as she helped Snap with his activities as a Death Deeler, despite supposedly being against the Death Deelers.


Loopin is more of a follower of Snap and participates in most of his plans. He is very rarely seen without the presence of Snap. Loopin has a strange fascination of chewing on stuff, since his first appearance states that he masticated to the videotape Snap took of Ebony in the bath. He taught Advanced Biology at Hogwarts School.

In Chapter 16, he is described as a "necphilak", which is the reason he did it with Willow's corpse. He also apparently resurrected her, since she appears alive one chapter later. Loopin also has a streak of horrible luck, because in each appearance, he is either verbally abused or tortured by Ebony and her friends. This does not seem to stop him from serving Voldemort.

Loopin, like Snap, also appears to have a certain degree of invulnerability, because during his first appearance, Ebony also shot him a gazillion times, but this did not seem to hurt him at all. He also survived multiple torture sessions without any consequences.

Loopin first appears when Snap films Ebony taking a bath, masticating to said video in the process. After being shot by Ebony, he saves the camera and discovers to his delight, that despite the camera being broken, the tape is still intact. (Which probably allows him to masticate to it). Following this incident, Dumbledore plans to send Loopin, along with Snap to Saint Mango's, as both of them were pedophiles, which shouldn't be left teaching the school. Despite this, Loopin is still seen teaching at Hogwarts.

The next major incident involving Loopin is when he storms into Ebony's room unannounced and asks her for some "condemns". After Ebony aggressively refuses his request, Loopin insults her and walks away. A short while later, Ebony encounters him in a hallway doing it with "snake" (who is probably meant to be Snap), while Dobby watches them. In an act of revenge for filming her taking a bath, Ebony takes a picture of them, telling them she will show it to Dumbledork, should they ever spread the videotape.

After Snap is caught trying to rape Draco, Loopin also gets send to Azerbaijan for this crime, despite not having been near the crime scene, let alone participate in said crime. With the outside help of Britney, he, along with Snap and Hargrid escape from Azerbaijan and return to Hogwarts. There he teams up with Mr. Norris to fight against the Goffs, but is ambushed by Ebony and her friends and chained up. Not long after, he witnesses Snap and Voldemort trying to kill Ebony, but his fate after this is left ambiguous, since the story ended at that point.


  • "This cannot be." Snap said in a crisp voice as blood dripped from his hand where Dumblydore's wand had shot him. "There must be other factors."
  • Loopin held up the camera triumphelephantly.
  • "No, actshelly ( geddit, hell) kan I plz burrow sum condemns." he growld angrily.
  •  "Well xcuse me!" they both shouted angrily.

Difference from the originalEdit

Its easier to list the similarities to the original characters, because there are practically none.

Snap Edit

Compared to his counterpart Snape, Snap seems to be much more of a stereotypical villain. It is quite clear on which side he is from the start, while the real character's allegiance is ambiguous through the entire series, only to be revealed at the end of the last book.

One of Snape's defining character traits was his enormous dislike for Harry Potter, which stems from his bad childhood memories with James Potter, Harry’s father, whom Harry resembles. Therefore, Snape abuses his position as teacher to demean Harry whenever he can. In My Immortal, Snap and Vampire don't have any real meaningful interaction, with Snap only trying to make Ebony kill Vampire because Voldemort wants to.

Snape also has a good relation with Draco, giving the young Slytherin preferential treatment throughout his schoolyears. In My Immortal, Snap is one of Draco's mortal enemies, being obsessed with having sex with him, since he attempted it once and succeeded in raping Draco near the end of the fic.

Possibly the biggest change in terms of relationships with other characters is the fact that Snap appears to be friends with James/Samoro in the past, being in the same band. As mentioned above, James Potter and Snape's relationship was all but pleasant, since James Potter never missed an opportunity to humiliate and bully Snape, which was one of the major factors of Snape's bitterness as an adult. If one were to put the real James and Snape in a band, they would probably try to curse each other to oblivion instead of making music.

Other minor differences are that Snap is the head of Gryffindoor, due to his Christianity and preppiness, while the real character never moved houses, nor does he appear to be a religious man.

Loopin Edit

Loopin, when compared to Lupin, is a complete idiot. There is no mention about his "hairy problem" throughout the whole fic. He is also a follower of Voldemort, while the real character would never even consider this. Another difference is that Loopin loves Snap, and vice versa, while the real characters, Snape in particular, dislike one another.

Lupin also taught Defence Against the Dark Arts in the third book (Prisoner of Azkaban) for only that school year, while Loopin appears to teach 'Advanced Biology', which looks more like a bizarre Transfiguration lesson. One of Remus Lupin's defining traits during his tenure as a teacher is the fact he has a talent of bringing the best out of people; especially those with low self-esteem. Because of this, he was regarded as one of the best, if not the best Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher during Harry's tenure at Hogwarts. Since Loopin is never actually seen teaching a subject, it's hard to judge his teaching methods. But when taking his interactions with Ebony in account, it can be assumed Loopin isn't a real effective teacher. In fact, he lacks any of the professionalism of the original Lupin, as shown when he asks one of his students for condoms, followed by having sex in a public spot with another teacher.

Also notable is the fact that Loopin never appears during Ebony's misadventures in the past nor does he ever interact or even mention James Potter and Serious Blak. The real Lupin went to school at the same time as James and Sirius and formed a close friendship with them, despite his "hairy problem"; something most people wouldn't readily do. A large part of his character is therefore defined by his past friendship with his former schoolmates. With Loopin never even mentioning James or Sirius, this difference is quite glaring.


  • Throughout the story, Snap and Loopin are frequently told to be pedophiles, which is actually incorrect for the following reasons:
    • Pedophilia is actually the attraction to prepubescent children, specifically those below the age of 13. Since Ebony is stated to be 17, Snap and Loopin leering at her can’t be considered pedophilia, but rather ephebophilia, which is the attraction to mid-to-late adolescents, aged 15 to 19.
    • The age of consent in the United Kingdom, where My Immortal takes place, is 16.
    • In the Harry Potter universe, the age of majority for wizarding children is 17, which makes Ebony an adult.
  • In Chapter 41, Tara declares in the author's note that in the final book (Deathly Hallows) it will be revealed Voldemort and Snape are the same person, as they are both half-blood and will explain why Snape hates Harry. This may be why she turned Snape into such an obvious villain. This, however, is impossible to be reconciled with the fact that he and Voldermort appear together in the very last chapter.